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SavePlanetEarth is starting a Global Initiative dedicated to developing programs aiming to combat Global Warming and Climate Change and is involved to develop realistic Carbon Sequestration Harvests to achieve reduced levels of Global Warming, employing a myriad of activities including Afforestation, Reforestation and Enhanced Marine Climate Management, and utilizing enhanced public interest and innovative financing mechanisms. SavePlanetEarth is a legally registered company in U.K., Maldives, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Pakistan.

$SPE is a deflationary token on the blockchain that was launched on the 9th of April 2021 and represents SavePlanetEarth. The business rolls its profits into global tree planting initiatives world wide and is passionate about helping battle climate change and global warming in every way possible.

You have 3 options.
a) You can buy the token with USDT on a centralised exchange such as Whitebit and LBank.
b) You can buy the token with BNB on a decentralised exchange such as Pancake swap. We have a guide on how you can do this.
c) SPESwap link – here

It is a process in which CO2 is reduced from our atmosphere through absorption by plants (using photosynthesis) or through manmade innovations. In this case, the more trees planted, the more plants available to photosynthesize, and the more CO2 pulled from the air.

Carbon sequestration projects offset emissions, with an offset of 1 ton of CO2 or equivalent greenhouse gas generating 1 carbon credit. This credit would be verified and then bought by companies seeking to offset their emissions, with the proceeds from this transaction going to the project initiator to create similar or more projects. SPE follows this route using its tokens as the transaction’s intermediary.

No, although the bulk of its many activities does stem from them. We partner with governmental and non-governmental affiliates in forging ahead with pragmatic environmental activities, while at the same time fostering eco-conscious startups aiming to land their mark in their respective sectors. These initiatives can branch out into an array of numerous different projects and activities.

Yes. We refer to and abide by the environmental standards and practices, while also keeping ourselves informed of their newest findings and reports so that we can revise and improve our activities accordingly.

In a way, yes. Though, while we operate as an independent entity, we also do so under the auspices of governmental and non-governmental organizations to adhere to the laws of their respective nations. Ultimately, we’re a “no-strings-attached” project that is backed by individuals and groups far and wide – the local community, and you.

The SPE team travels around the globe to assess their environmental vulnerabilities and prioritizes those that need the most help in that regard. One example is the Maldives, which is at the greatest risk from the effects of sea levels rising; we chose that country to initiate projects that can boost the country’s coastal protection. Another example was Turkey, where we immediately responded to (and subsequently engaged in recovery efforts against) wildfires.
We strive to be active in any and all parts of the world, and we are expanding our reach and manpower to achieve that. But sometimes we break tempo and rush to the nations that are in immediate need of environmental recovery.

The core tenet of SPE is created by and used for carbon sequestration projects that are deemed necessary to mitigate global warming and the effects of climate change it causes. SPE promotes emphasizes the practice of sustainability, which is not only for our changing world but for the community that thrives in it.

Not at all! While being a holder does have its added perks, one doesn’t necessarily have to be a holder to be part of the community. As our primary goal is to curb climate change, anyone who has the passion for playing an advocative and/or active role in this cause is more than welcome. Understandably, not everyone would be aboard the cryptocurrency angle in our operations. And it’s no exaggeration that saving the planet is a mission we all have to achieve, which is why inclusivity is a necessity.

Simply spreading the word about our environmental situation, along with SPE’s efforts and activities in addressing and combatting it, would suffice. SPE is already making a name through its actions and the community that amplifies those actions to the rest of the world, but an extra bit of support on your part – regardless of how small it may be – can still make a huge difference.

The best way to stay engaged with the community (and especially be up-to-date with our activities) is through our social media platforms – particularly via our Discord ( channel. You can seek out assistance or guidance from the helpful members there, or simply enjoy some idle conversations with them. They can also point you to activities and weekly contests whenever they appear.

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There are still a few ways to learn more about SavePlanetEarth. If you have any questions, we are available on Discord too.


A comprehensive documentation of SPE’s structure, including backgrounds, findings, research notes, and plans.

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