SPE is a worldwide project formed with the mission of curbing CO2 levels through sequestration initiatives such as planting trees – thus reducing global warming, as well as encouraging the community to be more open to sustainable living and practices.




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Planetary Carbon Standard


Carbon Credit Exchange

About $SPE

SPE is a worldwide project formed with the mission of curbing CO2 levels through sequestration initiatives such as planting trees – thus reducing global warming, as well as encouraging the community to be more open to sustainable living and practices.

Carbon Credit Exchange

SPE is actively developing a Carbon Credit exchange where all transactions and offsets will be transparent on a carbon negative green blockchain.

Calculate & Offset Your Emissions

Want to know how your presence impacts the environmental and lives around you?Take a questionnaire to determine your carbon footprint!

Wordwide Partnerships

SPE has partners all over the world and the list is constantly growing. Witness the green revolution here. Lorem Ipsum More text here.

Interested in what’s coming next? A checklist of objectives that have been met, as well as objectives that are soon to be achieved.

Saving Plant Earth

Our continuous dependency on fossil fuel – a dwindling, non-renewable commodity – is not only leading to an economic slump but also exacerbating climate change due to their greenhouse gas emissions. Unless we succeed in a global shift to sustainable lifestyles and utilization of renewable resources, the effects of climate change will not only become worse but would also end up irreversible.


The Visionaries behind the Venture

SavePlanetEarth is comprised of numerous individuals experienced within multiple facets of the environmental sector, working to collaborate with even more firms and parties in creating a sort of hybrid between environmental initiatives and emerging innovations such as the blockchain market.

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There are more things we offer:

From pragmatic tree-planting activities to community-based environmental endeavors, SPE has all eco-friendly avenues covered.


A one-of-a-kind “green” platform for promising startups and tokens to make a safe and eco-friendly entrance into the blockchain market.


The SavePlanetEarth merch is manufactured with eco-friendliness and sustainability as the peak priority. All proceeds will be used to fund more carbon sequestration projects and community support.

How To Buy Guide

Use the following guide to purchase SPE and be part of this green movement.

Our Nurseries

SavePlanetEarth tree nurseries are developed to produce quality saplings and earth balls for the environment to achieve our afforestation targets in a self-sustainable and financially feasible manner. With the additional benefits of job creation and the ability to select the best genes for the native species in the region.

SPE Limited Edition CCNFT

Our Carbon Negative NFTs are available to purchase now.


Carbon Negative Limited Edition NFT
1000 Available 


PreSale Entry

APY Bonus

At the moment SPE's LECCNFTs are available on 2 marketplaces on BNB Chain:

These NFT marketplaces are professionally developed and user friendly, no explanation should be needed, however if you need help please don’t hesitate to reach out to a mod.


Over 20 airdrops in 2022 alone and there will be more onward. Most airdrops are of $SPE, however sometimes tokens of one of our SPEPad projects are allocated as well.

SPEPad Private Sale Entry

In order to participate in SPEPad private sales, you must hold an LECCNFT. Normally SPEPad private sales have a better price and more allocation than presales depending on how much $SPE one holds.

Additional Future Staking APY%

All LECCNFTs have a 2.5% bonus in APY% when our staking platform is finished. The #1-#10 editions have even more, up to 15% for number 1.

Make things easier with our Mobile-App

Keep up to date with the various information about $SPE and everything else.

Still want to know more?

There are still a few ways to learn more about SavePlanetEarth. If you have any questions, we are available on Discord too.


A comprehensive documentation of SPE’s structure, including backgrounds, findings, research notes, and plans.

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Be informed of our operations, progress, and announcements, or simply enjoy a collection of articles that could help you learn something fresh and new.

Common Questions

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Find out more about our partners by reading our short articles and visiting their websites.


Peachfolio is an app for tracking your Decentralized Finance (DeFi) portfolio....

Donate To Our Cause

We are not a charity, but we accept donations for the work we do to develop the project and help protect the environment.

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