A checklist of objectives that have been met, as well as objectives that are soon to be achieved.

Q2 2021
Done 2021
DxSale Presale

DxSale fair presale took place with 125BNB hard cap and 1BNB maximum buy in.

Done 2021
Launch to BSC MainNet

Initial fair launch to BSC MainNet took place on April 9th, 2021.

Done 2021
Liquidity Lock

Liquidity will be locked until April 9th 2026 via DxSale, making the token rug-pull free and safe.

Done 2021
Renouncement of Ownership of the Smart Contract

Ownership of the smart contract will be renounced, in turn making it so modifications are unable to be made and 100% safe.

Done 2021
Multiple Audits

Smart Contract Audits will be applied for & completed by several auditing groups, while in the waiting list for our industry leading Certik Audit.

Done 2021
CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap

Multiple listing services including but not limited to: CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap will be applied for.

Done 2021
Exchange Applications

Multiple exchanges will be applied for including but not limited to WhiteBIT and BitMart.

Q3 2021
Done 2021
Development/Release of v1 SavePlanetEarth Android/iOS App

Development and launch of the first version iOS and Android app with a variety of initial basic features and ongoing updates.

Q3 2021
Done/Ongoing 2021
Development of Revolutionary SPE Tree Monitoring App

The development of v2 of the SavePlanetEarth app will continue until it's launch in 2022. The app will have many revolutionary features mainly regarding reforestation, carbon sequestration/credits, and tree monitoring via satellite.

Done/Ongoing 2021
Carbon Sequestration

Participate in planting trees, nurseries, and recycling around the world.
Recycling plastics from ocean/beach clean-up in the Maldives (SOON)

Done/Ongoing 2021
Partnerships with Nation-States

Partnerships with specific countries and their governments, and various NGOs to bring in lasting solutions to fight climate change, rising sea levels, and other environmental perils.
Sri Lanka – 100,000,000 Tree initiative
Sri Lanka State Plantations Corporation , JEDB , Kotagala Plantations PLC, Maturata Plantations
Forestry Department, Sri Lanka Military
Central Environment Authority
Maldives – 1,000,000 Tree initiative
HDC Maldives , MITDC Maldives
Save The Beach, Advocating Rights for Children (ARC)
(Ongoing discussions with other nations and NGOs)

Done/Ongoing 2021
Exchange Listings

SavePlanetEarth will list on several exchanges in Q2
Bitmart - WhiteBIT - CoinTiger - Hotbit

Q4 2021
Done/Ongoing 2021
Partnerships with Nation-States

Acquirement of tree nurseries in designated areas in nation-states
Efforts are underway in acquiring tree nurseries to foster a hospitable environment for saplings, as well as to promote job opportunities for the local community in maintaining these nurseries and the planting locations they facilitate.
So far, nurseries have been acquired in the following areas and awaiting planning permission:
- Maldives: 2 (Laamu Atoll, Medhukunburudhoo)
- Sri Lanka: 4 (Matale, Maturata, 2 from Kotagala)
- Pakistan: 6 (Mirpur x 3, Sialkot x2, Multan)
Additionally, plans are also underway to set up Carbon Parks and an Innovation Center to make compost and seed balls (Land allotted and awaiting handover). We will enlist the help of forestry experts and personnel to serve as caretakers for these facilities.
Continued Carbon Sequestration Partnerships with Nation-states
Update: 1 billion tree planting and protecting deal made with Pakistan MDHA.
First Nursery planning permission received in Mirpur with the capability of 3 million saplings. Work in progress.
First Sri Lanka Nursery underway at Roshland Estate
Private planting lands identified and legal documentation ongoing for generation of Carbon Credits.

Done/Ongoing 2021
Tier 1 Exchange Applications

Now that SavePlanetEarth will be more established in Q4, multiple Tier 1 Exchanges will be applied to including but not limited to:, Huobi, Kucoin, Binance, Coinbase

Ongoing 2021
Continued Development of revolutionary SPE Tree Monitoring App

In 2022, SavePlanetEarth plans to launch the tree monitoring $SPE Android/iOS app. Features such as a wide array of new and revolutionary aspects of which the world has never seen will be included, mainly regarding extremely detailed reforestation metrics, carbon sequestration/credits calculations and certifications, and advanced tree monitoring utilizing drones, Machine Learning, AI and satellites.

Done/Ongoing 2021
Tier 1 Exchange Applications/Listings

SavePlanetEarth will continue applications to several reputable tier 1 exchanges, and when accepted, list.

Done 2021
Minting of original CCNFTs (Carbon Credit NFTs)

Limited Edition CCNFT auctions will be held for Limited Edition #1-#10 in which profits will be reinvested into the carbon sequestering aspect of our project. Another 990 Limited Edition CCNFTs will be minted on a carbon neutral/negative blockchain and made available for a fixed price. Owners of these NFTs will enjoy benefits such as SPEPad private sale eligibility, airdrops, and increased future staking rewards.

Done/Ongoing 2021
Continued Carbon Sequestration and Ever-Expanding Partnerships with Nation-States

Continued participation in planting trees, nurseries, and recycling around the world. Many more countries and NGOs will be added to a growing list and we will continue making a dent in climate change together.

In Progress 2022

SavePlanetEarth will begin an airdrop campaign exclusive to holders of the Limited Edition CCNFTs. Each SPEPad project that SPE launches is required to allocate tokens for an airdrop, and also multiple airdrops of $SPE are planned also. SavePlanetEarth has committed to performing a minimum of 20 airdrops in 2022.

In Progress 2022
Carbon Credit Calculation and Certification

SavePlanetEarth will apply to several carbon credit certification bodies to register as carbon credits. $SPE will then be used to offset corporate carbon footprints utilizing a blockchain calculation methodology. This is an ever-growing market that will be worth trillions of dollars in the near future.

In Progress 2022
DEX Listings

SavePlanetEarth will list on several DEXes in 2022 in order to spread awareness of the project.

In Progress 2022
SavePlanetEarth Merch

$SPE merch will be available in Q2 with a store on the website, the community will be able to buy a variety of articles with $SPE tokens or another cryptocurrency. Plastics recovered from beach/ocean cleaning activities will be used for the merchandise, from which the profits will be reinvested into the project. Samples approved and mass production underway.

In Progress 2022
Continued Development of SPEPad

Since now only Limited Edition CCNFT holders will gain entrance to SPEPad private sales, integration will be made to the SPEPad DApp to automatically detect if a holder has the LECCNFT. This is one of a number of improvements planned for Q2 2022.

In Progress 2022
Strategic Connections

Coordinate with crucial entities in the recycling industry involving use of metal, plastics, municipal solid waste, and other components that can potentially cause pollution. For example, potential cadmium and heavy metal intoxication from metals and so on need to be strategically planned out so that climate change solutions themselves un-thoughtfully instituted will not bear additional burdens in the fight against Global Climate Change. Further Carbon Credits to be obtained through the aforementioned projects.

In Progress 2022
Global Adoption

Widespread partnerships with nonprofits, nation-states, & world-renowned entities that are active in averting waste pileups and combating climate change.

In Progress 2022
Continued Tier 1 Exchange Listings

Applications and listings to tier 1 exchanges will be an ongoing process.

In Progress 2022
Carbon Exchanges

As we become certified, we will also be able to apply to and list on Carbon Credit Exchanges, in turn exchanging our carbon credits for funding which will be reinvested into sequestering more and more carbon, thus creating a sustainable model for fighting global climate change and helping to Save Planet Earth.

In Progress 2022
Dedicated Carbon Exchange Marketplace

Trade CCNFTs on our very own Carbon Trading Marketplace. Reduction of double counting and full transparency of verified credits.

In Progress 2022
$SPE Staking
In Progress 2022
Future Trading Mechanisms

Innovative technology implemented in the renewable energy sector to tackle waste, pollution, and use of resource materials will inevitably give rise to unwelcome (new) pollution streams. These new pollution streams will give birth to a new era of clean-up processes and legislation in which SavePlanetEarth will be at the forefront of, creating opportunities with future trading mechanisms. (Further details to follow).
Climate Finance (SPECF)
Coming soon!
SPECFNFT will be the climate finance/tokenised green bonds for feasible investments that include earning opportunities for holders of the NFTs. Money lent to green and sustainable projects with revenue generation capabilities, impact and progressive socio-ecomonics for communities. Projects such as wind, hydro, MSW to compost, hazardous waste to energy, EV and solar farms under complete transparency and investor returns.

In Planning Stage 2022
$SPE Renewable Energy Projects

Utilising our vast experienced and qualified renewable energy technical team, we would be designing and EPC of solar, wind, hydro projects in strategic areas. Revenues to be utilised for SPE staking.

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